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Official Cheeseracing Association (CRASS) rules

cheese slices
  • All players must place their cheese on the BBQ at the same time.
  • Cheeses must not overlap.
  • After the initial throwing of the cheese onto the barbecue (the "cast"), one poke of the slice (the "poke") is permitted in cases of accidental overlap when the offending cheeses must be repositioned as quickly as possible. No further touching of the cheese is permitted.
  • No blowing/fanning the flames under your cheese.
  • The winning cheese is defined as the one whose reaches a fully inflated stage first. Fully inflated means that all four corners have raised off the BBQ and the plastic is taut (distinctive "stretch" marks appear on the sides of the parcel). This state must be maintainable, it does not count if the bag is pulsing up and down due to springing a leak.
  • Note that springing a leak does not automatically mean you have lost - it is possible for the hole to become sealed with melted cheese and the bag to fully inflate anyway - such is the excitement of cheese racing - it's not over till it's over!
  • In the event of a draw. The tied cheese owners will race again.
  • Deliberate breaking of any of these rules will result in your cheese being disqualified and removed from the BBQ.