official events

The genesis of cheese racing at Osmington

  • Genesis of cheeseracing

Durdle Door

  • Why wait for the food to be finished?
  • The combatants brandish their weapons!
  • Relaxing before a hard evenings cheese racing

Durdle Door 2

  • A nice big BBQ provides some quality cheese racing action
  • You cant beat the Port/cheese combination!
  • Intense action!
  • Surely some overlap there?


  • Discarded cheeses aren't pretty!
  • The Final
  • Too hot for cheese racing!
  • Cheese Racing Action
  • Very Close
  • More Cheese Racing Action

Cheese racing around the world!

  • Maz in Oz!
  • Maz in Oz 2!
  • Maz in Oz 3!
  • Maz in Oz 4!

reader submissions

Got any photos of you and your mates engaging in this noble sport? Send them in.

This motley crew - who describe themselves as 'The Gainesville Hash House Harriers' hail from Florida in the USA. Nice cheese action - but I'm a little concerned about the guy wearing a duvet as a dress, is that his cheese in the last picture?

You thought that guy was scary? Well check out these all American dudes from I wouldn't like to meet this lot in a dark alley....

Next we have a submission from Shawn taken at a 4th July Cheese Racing event held in Southern California. Look at the proud winner brandishing his cheese triumphantly!

A little closer to home now with a submission by forum regulars cheesypizza and c4cheesybex, this is Swansea fountain and the first photos I have ever seen of cheeseracing on water!

Next from Minnesota, USA

The following photo was sent to me by some guy from North Yorkshire along with the following explanation: "im in my boxers cos the guy with an afro just got back from his drunken wonder in the moors with the guy who was taking tho photo and they decided to wake me up and cheese race." Whatever dude, just remember we at CRASS do not condone naked cheeseracing, expecially with your eyes shut. It's a recipe for pain.

Next up our very own 'Gorgonzola' Dave shows the masses how its done - professional style. Check out his Maori-style victory dance in the last photo! You too could look as cool as Dave by ordering your official Cheese Racing gear from here.

  • Dave brandishes his cheese, ready for battle!
  • The tension builds...
  • Dave tries to look relaxed
  • He can smell victory!
  • Dave performs victory dance!

tools of the trade

A processed cheese slice and a disposable BBQ, both ideal for cheese racing:

  • cheese_slice_big.jpg (146543 bytes)
  • instant_bbq_big.jpg (71842 bytes)